Facebook video ads

Facebook Video Ads

We are expert in creating high converting agency quality VIDEO ads for your products.

To help SELL more products and services on your ecommerce store.


Facebook ad is the most popular platform to advertise your products at low cost. It has been shown effective to sell ecommerce products using facebook ads. Far better than any other platforms out there.

Facebook AD services

Various factors contribute to the success of a ad campaign. We provide end to end service for your success.

Laser focused target audience

Products sell well only when offered to the right audience.
Once Facebook finds the right audience the conversion skyrockets. 

We can research and find the right target audience that could potentially buy from you.

Attention grabbing video

With a ton of interactions happening on facebook.

Only a creative high-quality video can capture user attention. 

We create short videos that captures user attention in the first few seconds with a compelling call to action at the end.

Right ad setup and optimization

Every ad works differently at various scenarios. 

Continuous testing and optimizing the ads helps get better results and maximize revenue.

We help interpret the data from your ads and adjust your ads for better performance.

No more monthly retainers and expensive agency support. Just pay per ad.

Product Ad Sample

A sample of the physical products ad. With pictures and product descriptions.

  • Using images
  • High quality videos
  • Full frame or squared

Advanced Ad Sample

 High converting videos with custom animation and transitions for grabbing user attention.

  • Using stock videos or your own
  • High quality videos
  • Full frame or squared

Facebook Ads SETUP

Let's talk about your ecommerce store and see how we can help.


* FREE 1 Hour Session
$99 / hour
  • Marketing Plan
  • Technology Consulting
  • Ads Strategy
  • Q&A

* Only limited seats available (Including paid ones). 


$49* / 1 hr
  • Facebook Ads plan
  • Identify Target Audience
  • Q&A
  • Scaling strategy
  • * 50% Off Limited Time

Video Ad

$99* / 60 sec
  • 59 Sec HQ Video
  • Royalty free music
  • Text animation & transitions
  • Facebook, Instagram, youtube optimized
  • * 50% Off Limited Time

STEP 1: Identify target audience

Research and identify the demographics of your right target audience. If done right it could save a ton of ad money.

Do the research @ $50

STEP 2: Create Basic Video Ad

Based on the audience create a video ad. A high quality video can go a long way to help convert your ads.

Create a Basic Video Ad @ $50

STEP 2: Create Advanced Video Ad

Alternatively you can create a high quality video ads with video backgrounds and advanced text transitions. This will make the videos stand out.

Create a Advanced Video Ad @ $100

STEP 3: Setup ad and optimize

Setup ads in facebook using the target audience and video ads created. Optimize the ads for higher conversion.

Setup and Optimize ads @ $100

Checkout with Confidence

100% Satisfaction guaranteed. We strive to provide you the best or you get full refund.

Chat with US


We will reach out to the email Id provided at your contact form within 24 hours. We can work on the script and other requirements. Once finalized we will get to the work.

Depends on the complexity of the project it could take anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days. 

Video: We try to keep the video format close to the samples provided to get the feel of the end product. In case if you don’t like, we will revise it until you are satisfied. 

Facebook Ads: You might already know facebook ads takes time and some experiment to make it highly efficient. Our team has a group of specialist who has a ton of experience in running facebook ads. We believe we can provide the best service for you, in case you are not satisfied we will refund the service cost. 

However, videos take a lot of resources to create so we cannot refund the video creation cost. 

Writing script for the video is slightly different. Each frame could take 3 -10 words. Shorter sentences keeps the videos clean & helps users focus on the product than the distractions from the words. 

For basic ads, you are looking at less than 50-70 words. For advanced it can go upto 100 words.

If you need help writing script reach out we can help you (for additional cost). 

Yes, we can. Reach us to talk about the project and we may be able to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Yes we do. We have done many ads for various types products so send your idea, we might be able to find a video ad close to yours. 

If you have an idea, send us the sample too, we try to mimic as close as possible.

There is a messenger button below the checkout button to chat with us. 

You can also reach us out at anto@buffok.com. 

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