5 easy ways to find winning products for dropshipping

5 Easy Ways to Find Winning Products

find profitable products for ecommerce

When it comes to e-commerce right product makes or break the business. If you have the best products it would save a ton of marketing and easily increase ROI quickly.

Whether you are drop-shipping or selling your private label product. We need to do extensive product research to find the product that works.

When we talk to our clients, most of them think that ads do the magic to sell any product. In reality, it is the combination of ads with great products.

People spend hours and ton of money testing products that would work. Fortunately, with advancement on technology and data access, there are many services which give you a leverage to speed up the discovery process.

As per the saying “never reinvent the wheel”, it is always a wise idea to copy the idea that already works and make it better. This way you know that people are interested in the product and they are already paying money for those type of products.

In this post, we will go through some strategies to find “Winning Product” for the eCommerce Stores.

These are the exact strategies experts are using to find products to sell and make a ton of money.

1) Use eComHunt to find your Competitors products.

eComhunt  find products that work currently and list it on their site. The cool part is they also show all the details including the ads your competitors are running that works.

ecommhunt for product research


With this service, you can find hot products that work well currently.

Here are some of the features this tool provides:

  • Seeing the post engagement just for all the associated ads.
  • View the Shopify Store selling the products that sell well.
  • It also shows the Facebook ad for that particular product.
  • The best part is it also shows the targeting information and the date.
  • They offer free as well as paid accounts.

If you are in eCommerce space this saves a ton of time researching the products and start to make sales immediately. It also saves a lot of Facebook ad spent that is wasted testing some random products. So jump in invest in this service and start making money right away.

Pro Tip: When you are checking any particular products just head over to the product details and find out if the product is selling on Amazon or any other marketplace.

And if the product is not selling on Amazon then this will be the golden opportunity for you add this product right to your Shopify Store.

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2) Dropship Spy gives more details

Dropship-spy is another powerful tool. It works similar to other tools but it gives more details like reviews and ad videos which you can download directly and use it in your ads.

dropship spy to spy your competitorIt also provides product description that you can use it to list your products. Also the product website, Amazon and eBay listing details.

3) Pexda is an alternate option

Pexda is an alternate to ecommhunt. It gives some basic information for anyone to browse, however, if you need more details. We need to signup for a plan.

Fortunately, you can just browse and see some important details to pick products that work best.

pexda to find products

When you get into the details, you can see more details like the profit margin. Aliexpress link where you can source the product and the Facebook ad that sells the product.

pexda to find dropshipping products

The site is categorized based on niches, so it is easy to drill down the products based on niches. A powerful product to find products that sell and duplicate the effort on your Shopify store.

Here is the pricing information for Pexda.

  • Standard ($1.95/14 days then $14.95/month)
  • Premium ($24.95/month)
  • Ultimate ($99.5/month)

4) AliExpress Best Seller based categories.

Most of the dropshippers use Aliexpress to fulfill the products. It is an easy strategy to just go to the source and see which products sell best.

However, trying to find a hot selling product using Aliexpress is going to be a time-consuming task. But for people who have a limited budget, it is a great way to find products.

Also, many people use products like Pexda or ecommhunt so there is some competition for the products listed in those sites already. Unless you are subscribed to the expensive plan which has only limited members.

Here is the step by step process.

Step 1: Find the seed product.

Just find the best selling product in your niche. Goto Aliexpress best-selling page

Pick a product from your niche.

For this example, let’s pick the phone screen protector.

aliexpress dropshipping products

Step 2: Pick the subcategory

When you click on the link, you would see the subcategory it belongs to.

Click on the subcategory, the deeper it is better.

Step 3: Pick the unique product

You will see a lot of products under this category. Browse through the products and pick the one that is unique. More importantly look for the ones with more than 1000 orders.

find the best dropshipping products

5) Look for watchcount trends

Watchcount is another tool which gives you insightful information for products that is selling on eBay. This is not directly related to Shopify products. However, it gives you the data to relate to the product type & categories that you can find products to sell on your Shopify stores.

watchcount to find dropshipping products

Could be a useful tool to dig deeper into the product details and understand the market demand. Especially if you have plans to expand beyond Shopify store.

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Hope you learned some easy ways to research these products.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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