How to Use Pinterest to sell your Products?

Pinterest is a secret weapon for e-commerce owners. Pinterest is not a typical social media platform, but it is a place to collect ideas.

With over 200 million users, It has grown to be a powerful platform for business owners to market their products and ideas to use those products.

Back in 2015, Shopify reported that Pinterest was the second most frequent traffic source right from the social media sites. Typically, the shoppers who are referred from the Pinterest spend more than $50 per order compared to other social media sites.

Pinterest traffic for ecommerce store

In this post, you will learn how to use Pinterest for driving potential visitors to your site in few hours.

You can just use this system for growing your sales on autopilot.

As I have already told you, Pinterest is an amazing place for the e-commerce store owners.

As it has whopping 93% pinners using Pinterest just to plan their purchase.

The average order value of the shopper from Pinterest is about $50 and more than two million people post products pins every day.

So let dive into the Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy

STEP 1: Create Your Pinterest Business Account

The very first thing you will need a business Pinterest account.

Follow this simple tutorial to create it.

Pinterest Business for ecommerce

Basically, Pinterest offers many special features for business accounts. It allows you to create a business profile to describe your business to your potential customers, along with providing a way to engage with your store.

Let’s cover some basics before we move forward.

Your Pinterest business profile should include the following items listed below.

  • Pinterest Business Name: A unique name should be there to attract more users, it can be different from the real business name. It can be more descriptive so people can understand your business quickly.
  • Logo vs Profile picture: This is a debatable topic, where many experts say a profile picture works best compared to a logo. Since Pinterest is a social media platform, people connect with people better than brands.
  • But do some testing to see what works best for you.
  • Your store’s URL: Don’t ever forget to include your store’s URL name here Pinterest will link to it.
  • Business Description: Explain what you do and why you do it. The story behind your brand within 160 characters works best. Most of the people view your Pinterest account from a mobile device, so keep it short and compelling.
  • Link your Twitter Account: This one is a good idea, you can link your Twitter account right to your Pinterest account. Basically, Pinterest will include Twitter icon along with potential shoppers to reach you directly from Twitter.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make your account stand out.

1.Always use a high-quality photo of yourself as your profile picture.

Pinterest is a visual platform, high-quality pictures attract more people. Even for your profile picture. Make sure it is mobile optimized and your face is clearly visible in the image.

  1. Activate the Rich Pins

Rich Pins basically add some extra information to your pins.

The rich pins will include some critical metadata such as headline, description, and price of the product.

Here is a detailed guide for Pinterest rich pins

Once you set up your account for the rich pins, use Pinterest validation tool that will ensure your site has the proper meta tags.

This task can be done automatically by the Yoast SEO Plugin if you are using WordPress. And Shopify takes care of it automatically.

STEP 2: Start with 10 Boards With 10 Pins Each

Create at least 10 boards around your niche using the main keywords as the board names.  Just look at the boards of many other similar sites for some ideas.

Here is a trick, fill the boards with the pins of other people, not yours. Later we can add own pins in the mix and tag it as board pin or best of board pin.

Once you created generic boards, then create a Pinterest board for just your products. Name this board with your “[Brand Name] Products”.

If you do have lots of different kinds of products, you should simply create a board for each of the categories.

Just think about it just like you would your website—you really want to make it easy for all the potential visitors to navigate and simply find the products they are interested in.

STEP 3: Use PINGROUPIE To Find Group Boards

Group boards are the most powerful tool on Pinterest to drive a ton of traffic.

Here is the guide that gives you all the details of group board.

Basically, Group boards are the Pinterest boards right with multiple contributors.  And many of them have thousands of followers and multiple pinners.

When you pin right to one of these boards, your pin will be seen by those thousands of people— just even without having any followers!

However, finding these group boards could be a tedious task. That is where PinGroupie comes to play. You can use this tool and search some keywords related to your content, then browse the results.

Tip: Filter all these massive lists simply by the number of followers in order to show the best boards first. Here the number of pins and collaborators aren’t much important, but the boards that have only two or three collaborators might be hard to join.

Another way to find the group boards is by going to the accounts of your competitors or any of the other people in your niche and check if they are in any of the group boards or not.

Once you have made the list of the Pinterest Group Boards you will need to reach out to all those people who will be accepting you to join the board.

STEP 4: Request Board owners to let you join the board

As these people will get a ton of messages through Pinterest. And in addition, if you send too many Pinterest messages, Pinterest may ban your account.

There will be no formal way to submit an application through Pinterest. They will have to send you an invitation. So, if you are willing to reach them there is the only way to join their board.

You can also just send them an email as most of the pinners have the website with the contact info. Make sure you also follow the board’s rules as defined in the description (most of them have it here).

Reach out to them through email or other channels you find best and tell them that you are interested in being a collaborator of the group board. Repeatedly followup if you didn’t get any response.

STEP 5: Create Pinnable Images For the Best Products

Pinterest image aspect ratio is tall. Sharing the images from your store would look small and not clear. Make sure the images follow 2:3 ratio with a minimum width of 600 pixels.


Pinterest is a visual platform. People mainly click the Image that captures their attention, making sure the image is visually stunning is important.

Fortunately, there are many tools to create amazing Pinterest images one such tool is Canva.

Login to Canva, choose the template “Pinterest Graphic”, and start designing your image. As Canva comes with tons of premade designs along with layouts in order to make things easier for the newbies who are new to designing.

Once you have created images just add those images in Pinterest with a “pin it” link. This will really increase the chance of getting the Pinterest traffic.

STEP 6: Use BoardBooster to Accelerate your Pinning

When you are in a Pinterest group with a lot of pinners, your images will get drowned quickly and rapidly. In order to keep your pin on the top,  you need to repin all your content multiple times.

Repinning multiple times on multiple boards is a lot of work. That is where BoardBooster comes in.

Basically, all you first 100 pins are absolutely free but after that period you will get that at price of $5/month just for the 500 pins.

To repin go to “Pinning Tools” and then click to “Scheduler”  and after that simply click, and “Add Boards”.

If you may get some rules that you can just pin once a day make sure you follow those board rules.

This process creates “Secret Boards” that BoardBooster will pull many pins from to pin right to your group boards. You should now see “Secret Boards” at the bottom of your board’s page.

STEP 7: Monitor the Results

Right after setting everything just let it run for 3-4 weeks and you should have an idea about which boards are performing best

BoardBooster will show your stats for all of your pins on that board. It may also happen that some board has no repins, you can just drop them completely.

Apart from that, you should keep creating great content and simply add it to your secret boards in order to keep things fresh and just let it run smoothly.

Is Pinterest part of your Marketing Strategy?

The traffic referred from Pinterest is one of the highest converting traffic. Once you will establish this system you will start getting results within few weeks.

This guide should help you in getting thousands of potential visitors and sales.

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