SEO for Ecommerce 2018


SEO is constantly evolving, but the fundamentals never changed.
We focus on building solid foundation for long term growth.

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"Our site is ranking in 1st page of google for nearly 1000 keywords. With every google algorithm updates the traffic went up"

SEO Specifically for ecommerce

SEO for ecommerce is slightly different. 

Primarily because 

  1. The product description is generic and similar to competition.
  2. Product meta tags configuration is different.
  3. Ecommerce can leverage location based SEO techniques.
  4. SEO focused content generation is hard.
  5. Optimizing technology could accelerate the growth.
Many more


Traditional SEO to play the system is DEAD. 

The best approach is to play along with Google and just provide only the needed information. Which is quality. 

When the focus is only on quality you save all the other cost of doing a lot of outdated SEO techniques which does not work.

We Drive results

We are using our own experience to help others. We only perform the tasks that was proven in our own websites.

One of our site that rank consistently higher and it keeps trending up even after multiple algorithm updates. 

We want this type of results for you as well.

Almost 1000 keywords ranking in the 1st page of Google. 

We know exactly how to generate results like this. 


SEO is all about giving a machine (search engine is a robot) all the data it needs to understand the quality of your site. 

Oftentimes many site fail to give this data effectively to the search engines. 

Without this vital information, there is no way search engines can trust and rank your site higher. 

We Start with this setup. 

Using latest technologies, we can help

  • Setup the right apps to organize the data
  • Optimize your page that helps users and bots to understand the content better
  • Create a proper structure for better navigation.

Links and SIGNALS

Search engines also weights the signals from external sources to rank your site higher. 

It is an important factor that people are talking about your business outside your website. 

We help create the right mix of engagements to generate that buzz for search engines to rank you higher. 

This also includes links from the right sources and domains. 


We know search engines totally rely on the content from your website to measure the quality. 

Often this is the most difficult task to produce content that ranks higher. 

We research on the type of content that is in trend and based on that perform content marketing to accelerate your site ranking.


Social Signals

Generate the right social signals only from the right social platforms.

Long Tail Keywords

Keyword research has changed a lot. Not all keywords are profitable. Right long tail keywords produce the maximum return on investment.

Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is a long term powerful strategy. Right content marketing plan will help grow your site faster.

Tracking Pixels

Tracking users behaviour using pixels and tracking code to know measure the success of any campaigns. Using the data we can also create content and marketing plan.

Link profile using competitors data

Best approach to create a link profile is to copy your competitors who are doing better than you.

Site Optimization

Website is built for users to interact, making it user friendly increases the conversion rate.


Here is the process. 

Step 1 – Analysis 

Every website is different and not all strategy works for every situation. We look and analyse the site and look for right opportunity. 

Step 2 – Plan

Create a plan based on the findings. Pick a custom plan that works.

Step 3 – Execute

Execute the plan as it was agreed

Step 4  – Report

Measure the progress and create reports

Step 5 – Revisit the Plan

Check how the campaigns are going and change course if needed. 

Lets Rank your site higher

Download the checklist and that works in 2018.